Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Sweet 'n Sassy Boneless Hot Wings"

Seriously, who knew healthy could be this good?  These are another must.  These little chicken nugs were super easy to make, and were spicy and delicious.  We guarantee that this would be a smash hit with anyone, even guys...just leave out the details about how healthy they are!  This is one recipe we will be sure to make again and again.

Basically, you bake chicken (coated in egg beaters and whole wheat flour) and then dip it in a mixture of delicious sauce.  If you want to know what that sauce is, ask us or BUY THE COOKBOOK.  It's worth it.  FYI, we split one serving and had a fresh salad and it was more than enough!  Now we have yummy leftovers for lunch tomorrow-- it's always good to have a lunch to look forward helps get us through that next period of high-schoolers.

Wine and (blue) cheese .. yum!

Fresh ingredients make all the difference.

Here it is!  

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