Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Hodgepodge of Meals

Who said you had to have dessert last?  I'm saving the best for first.  "Ginormous Creamy Frozen Caramel Crunchcake" is the best treat a hungry girl could ask for.  Take two Quaker rice cakes (the recipe calls for the caramel flavor, but chocolate works too) and spread FF Cool Whip between two of them.  Freeze for an hour or so, and then you have a delicious treat waiting to be devoured right in your freezer.  Seriously, we keep them on hand just in case.  The cool whip tastes just like ice cream.  It is to die for.  This is a crunchy, satisfying treat that won't leave you feeling guilty.  What's not to love?

This looks like Mickey Mouse!

Next up, we have a mix of two meatloaf recipes.  We weren't sure what to make for dinner last night, so we combined two of the recipes to fit what we already had on hand.  We took ingredients and ideas from "Crazy-Good Turkey Taco Meatloaf" and "Turkey & Veggie Meatloaf Minis."  We practically took any of the ingredients we had in our makeshift pantry (our place doesn't have a pantry, so we made one out of a works) and put them into a muffin pan.  30 minutes later we had a dinner that came out looking like an eyeball.  Hey, we are in the the Halloween spirit!  We were unsure of the outcome, and had the pizza delivery number ready to go, but they turned out pretty well and we gobbled them up.  Next time, we would add the taco seasoning because it would give it that extra boost of flavor that I believe ground turkey always needs.

Dinner tonight was a family recipe from a very good friend of mine.  Her family is from Minnesota, and despite her hilarious accent that comes out after a few glasses of vino, she has the best recipes, which she lovingly gave to me.  What are friends for?

Tonight's special is Tater Tot Casserole.  I happen to hold a special place in my heart for the little crispy brown tots, which is why I am a big fan of this dish.  I used ground turkey, instead of beef, and extra veggies to try and make up for the lack of healthiness in this dish.  I would give you the recipe, but I can't give away someone else's family secret.  But, I'm sure if you ask nicely I could get permission.  Once again, this meal can not disappoint.  One way to my heart is tater tots....and some wine.

Happy Eating :)



Tater Tot Perfection

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Big Bowl of Breakfast" & More!

Saturday morning was another glorious game day.  We began ours with a big, hearty bowl of breakfast.

 This extremely filling breakfast was the perfect start to a football-filled Saturday.  This is a mixture, of egg beaters, broccoli, turkey sausage (instead of Canadian bacon like the recipe called for), potatoes, and of course, cheese.  Add a mimosa, and it is the perfect early game day treat!

Next up...the perfect margarita!!

I love spice, and I love margaritas.  The only problem is the calories and sugar in them.  Thanks to a real housewife, I can have my cake and drink it too.  All you need to do is slice up a fresh jalapeno-leave the seeds in- and add to a glass of Skinnygirl Margarita!  It's best if the jalapenos can soak in there for a bit so that flavors are stronger.  Cheer!

Tonight, our main dish was Coconut Rice with Black Beans.  It was full of flavor and creamy.  The jasmine rice soaked in butter, minced shallots, light coconut milk, water, and a pinch of nutmeg, until the rice soaked up all the liquid and was ready to be mixed with the black beans.  Add a dollop of FF sour cream on top and a dash of fresh lime and you are good to go.  I bet the margarita above would compliment this meal well.  Tomorrow will be a good Monday with leftovers like these to look forward to.

Here's to a week of new recipes and lesson plans.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Pan Fried Chicken Parm"

Here is a hearty Italian dish that everyone will think is deep-fried and delicious.  I know, we though thought the same thing- healthy chicken parmesan?  Well, my friends, with some help from Hungry Girl it's possible, and it is good.  We took chicken, mixed some spices and egg beaters together, and cooked them on a skillet.  Then we topped them with tomato and mozzarella cheese.  Serve with a salad and you are good to go.  Some red wine and candle light wouldn't hurt either.

This is something we whipped up last night-- oh, the joys of having a fridge filled with vegetables.  We used spinach, onion, bell peppers, olives, tomatos, and of course, cheese!  We added some salsa and some FF sour cream on top- this was much better, and healthier than a Mexican restaurant.  The only thing missing was a margarita, preferably jalapeno flavored (a new favorite).

Here's some fall fun-- just a little something to make us smile :)

**Make sure you check labels before you add things to your food.  E made pumpkin oatmeal again before school- keep in mind that 6 AM is early- and grabbed cumin instead of cinnamon.  Those flavors bear no resemble on your tongue.  Rookie mistake.**

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Ez as 1-2-3-Alarm Turkey Chili" & "Fancy-Schmancy Oatmeal"

FYI:  We are in a very festive mood-- HELLO FALL!!

So, picture a cartoon character with smoke coming out of its' ears.  Got the image?  Ok- that was us last night eating this chili...and at lunch today.  This recipe should come with a warning sign -- Beware: Super Spiciness Ahead!"

On a better note, it was pretty darn good.  We had to add some FF sour cream and cheddar cheese to the mix to tone down the heat, but the burn felt good.  It cooked in the crock pot for about three hours and made our house smell delightful!  It was full of flavor-- beans, vegetables, turkey, spice!  No one would ever know it was only 176 calories a serving (not including our additions).  Watch out for the adobo sauce; it will get you.

New Crock Pot :)

Perfect Fall Meal

This morning, we got up a little bit early to make a real breakfast.  We made some "Fancy-Schmancy Oatmeal!'  We made some oatmeal (not instant!) and added some fall flavors to the mix-- pumpkin (duh), honey, cinnamon, stevia, and a dash of salt.  It sounds complicated, but it was so easy and we will be making this again very soon..probably tomorrow.  It was so filling and healthy!  There's no better way to start out the day than with a good breakfast and in a fall mood.

What a perfect fall color!